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First in the field and still first in the field. Join the longest running Oxford summer program that has opened the doors to the world’s most celebrated university since 1984. Oxford's history, tradition and achievement dates back a little longer, almost a millennium to be precise. Live at Lady Margaret Hall College, Oxford University and truly experience life as an Oxford undergraduate. Discover inspirational seminars and workshops while enjoying the widest variety of carefully crafted extracurricular activities, visits and excursions around.

Get an authentic taste of England’s history, culture and traditions as well as the cutting edge dynamism of the present day. Let our Oxford summer program inspire you - learn how to punt on the River Cherwell, attend high tea, go on a private museum visit, and watch a Shakespeare performance - all in the same day.

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Summerfuel UC Berkeley inspires students to engage intellectually and personally and experience life at the nation’s premier public research university. Our Pre-College summer programs for high school students are designed to reflect a collegiate liberal arts environment, and students are strongly encouraged to explore and take ownership of their experience. Courses are small, active and engaging, requiring student involvement. Activities are designed by staff with student input to ensure a very personalized, unique experience.

Summerfuel UC Berkeley students will take full advantage of the resources of Berkeley and San Francisco, whether that means catching a film at the Pacific Film Archive or sampling the food in historic Chinatown. The beauty of northern California combined with the cultural riches of the city makes Summerfuel UC Berkeley an unforgettable way to spend the summer.

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At Summerfuel UNC, we help you prepare for the important transition from high school to college and give you the freedom to explore your interests and form a summer community of learning and independence. Our pre-college program combines academics, athletics, and activities for an authentic taste of college life. Students come from 37 states and over 23 countries. Join us on this exciting campus and create long-lasting friendships with students from all over the world.

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Summerfuel’s Pre-College Program at Tufts offers an exciting opportunity for curious and passionate students who thrive in a supportive and engaging environment. Experience college life just outside of Boston on the campus of a top-ranked US university, and prepare intellectually and socially for a successful college career. Our Pre-College summer programs for high school students inspire exploration and discovery, with dynamic seminar and workshop options.

The Tufts summer curricula is created to foster students’ ability to think critically and independently. Courses are structured to encourage hands-on participation, and reflect the strengths of the university and the greater Boston area, while activities are customized based on student interest, ensuring a highly personal experience.

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