Summerfuel is pleased to offer a variety of discounts and promotions to students who choose to submit their application and tuition early in the enrollment season. Please reference the information below to see what discounts and promotions might be applicable to your family. Please note, all Summerfuel students may only take advantage of one discount for each program attended in a given year. Discounts cannot be combined, and do not apply to airfare, supplemental course fees, optional extras or trip cancellation insurance.

Early Bird Enrollment

We are pleased to offer substantial reductions to our program fees for students who submit their application AND full tuition on or before the dates below:

October 15th ‐ 20% discounted tuition
November 15th ‐ 15% discounted tuition
December 15th ‐ 10% discounted tuition

Discounts will be calculated based on the date by which Summerfuel receives full payment of tuition AND student application, and not the date on which the application is submitted. Recommendations and transcripts need not be submitted prior to the above dates to qualify for the promotion. Full refund policy applies.

Winter Promotions

These discounts will be automatically applied to all students who complete their application and submit a deposit on or before January 15th. Full payment will be due April 1st, 2018.

$500 for students who apply for 4-week programs
$400 for students who apply for 3-week programs
$300 for students who apply for 2-week programs

Teacher recommendations and transcripts do not need to be submitted prior to January 15th to qualify for discounts.


If a student reserves a place on a Summerfuel program and subsequently must withdraw, the respective refund policies will apply.

Date of Withdrawal Amount Refunded
From application to April 4th All but $300
April 4th ‐ May 14th All but $2,000
May 15th onwards No refunds after this date

Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing to Summerfuel Admissions by email or mail. Withdrawals are effective on the date that Summerfuel receives written notification. Students who have reserved a place on a Summerfuel program before April 4th, but have not received a final acceptance by that date because of missing documents, are still subject to the above-stated refund policy.