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The following forms are required to enroll in a Summerfuel program.
Forms can be accessed through your MySummerfuel account upon application.


All Summerfuel program applicants and applicants’ parent/guardian must review, sign and submit Summerfuel’s Parent-Student Agreement. This form details Summerfuel’s policies and program rules/guidelines, which must be agreed to before an applicant is accepted and/or participates in a Summerfuel program.


Applicants applying to a Summerfuel program must submit a completed Summerfuel Teacher Recommendation Form from a teacher or advisor of their choice. If the applicant is attending a language program, the recommendation form should come from their language teacher. Students applying to College Admissions Prep programs are not required to submit this form. If the applicant is a non-native English speaker an English teacher should complete the teacher recommendation form.

After successful receipt and review of materials, applicants will receive an acceptance e-mail.

Please Note: Supplemental documents regarding medical information, travel etc. are required prior to the start of the program.

Alumni/Returning Students

We are thrilled that you have decided to study with us again. Students who have previously attended a Summerfuel program can simply log in to their MySummerfuel account and submit a simplified application in a few basic steps. Alumni are also entitled to an alumni tuition discount.

1. Fill out basic information

2. Select course preferences