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Refund Policy

If a student applies to a Summerfuel program and subsequently withdraws, the respective refund policies will apply.

Withdrawal Date Refund Amount Withdrawal Date Refund Amount
Before September 1st Full refund less $300 Before April 30th Full refund less $300
September 2nd – October 14th Full refund less $1,500 April 30th – May 15th Full refund less $2000
October 15th onwards No refund May 15th onwards No refund

Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing to Summerfuel Admissions, 120 East 23rd Street, Floor 4, New York, NY 10010 or Withdrawals are effective on the date that Summerfuel receives written notification. Students who have reserved a place on a Summerfuel program, but have not received official acceptance because of missing documents, are still subject to the above-stated refund policy. Students who have enrolled in an optional extra, including courses that carry a supplemental fee, may withdraw from that optional extra without penalty until 45 days prior to the program. After that date, students will be held responsible for full payment of the extra option.

There is no refund of the Travel Insurance and Assistance Plan fee. There will be no refunds for students who voluntarily withdraw for any reason from a Summerfuel program after it has started, or is dismissed as per the policies detailed in the Parent-Student Agreement. Dates, fees, itineraries and courses may be changed without notice should circumstances require it and at the discretion of Summerfuel staff. Summerfuel reserves the right to cancel any program or course offering and to decline to accept any person as a member of one of its programs. If Summerfuel cancels a program, the full program fee will be refunded.