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International Students

Travel Visas

All students are responsible for making travel arrangements, ensuring that they meet the entry and exit requirements of their host country and obtaining all travel documents (including visas) necessary to attend a Summerfuel program.

Students who require a visa for travel to a Summerfuel program should, due to the nature of each program and its duration, obtain the equivalent of a TOURIST/VISITOR visa, not a student visa, from the appropriate embassy or consulate.

Summerfuel will refund the entire program fee should a student be denied a travel visa prior to May 15th. Standard Summerfuel refund policies will apply to students denied a visa after May 15th. Students are responsible for applying for the appropriate visa with enough time to meet these deadlines.

International Student Payment

Non-US residents may pay for Summerfuel programs by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), wire transfer or check (drawn from a US bank in US dollars).

Please see ‘Payment’ for more information.

International Student Health Insurance

All students living outside the United States and attending a program in the US will automatically be invoiced for international health/medical insurance, which includes health/medical insurance coverage (with deductible). The cost of this coverage is dependent on the length of the program in which the student is participating.