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Pre-college Campus Experience

Spanish Language Immersion

Business & Entrepreneurship

College Admissions Edge

Technology, Art & Design


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Summerfuel programs are exciting learning adventures. We want to share our programs with as many students as we can so we like to provide a bit of an incentive. It’s fun for us to give you a break and it’s pretty nice for you too. Discounts don’t apply to airfare, supplemental course fees, optional extras or insurance. Please contact us at to find out what discounts we are currently offering.

Alumni Save 10% Before December 1st

We are pretty proud of our alumni and we love when they return year after year. Make sure to indicate that you (or your brother, sister, mother, father) have joined us before and we’ll apply the appropriate credit. After December 1st, Alumni receive a $300/$400/$500 discount depending on the length of the program they will be attending.

Alumni do not need to submit teacher recommendations. Siblings or children of alumni should submit all required materials.

Standard refund policy applies to all discounted programs.