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Cae-berkeley - session 1

UC Berkeley offers students the perfect summer environment in which to tackle the college application process head-on.

Session 1: June 28 - July 11, 2020 Session 2: July 12 - July 25, 2020
Program Fee:
One Session: Residential: $5,495
Day Student: $3,500
Both Sessions: $8,495
Campus Dormitory
Completing 10 or 11
Program Fee includes:
Tuition, room, 3 meals per day, SAT preparation, college visits, individual college counseling, use of select campus facilities, included excursions and daily activities, bed linens, pillow and towels, 24-hour residential care and support, staff accompanied airport transfer during specified windows.
Not Included:
Airfare/transportation to and from home city, laundry, spending money, souvenirs, meals eaten away from program, airport transfers outside of specified windows, trip cancellation insurance, medical insurance, medical and dental expenses.
The Summerfuel College Admissions Edge (CAE) program has been carefully designed to support students in every aspect of the college admissions process, from the reflection and discovery needed to craft a strong list of prospective colleges to the skills needed to perform well on standardized tests.  Every Summerfuel CAE program includes test preparation, essay writing coursework, individualized college counseling, instructive college admissions workshops and guided college admissions tours. 

Summerfuel College Admissions Edge programs are offered on three distinct campuses.  Although the curriculum at each site is the same, at UC Berkeley students enjoy access to one of the most renowned research institutions in the world and visits to nearby universities include Stanford, UC Santa Cruz and the University of San Francisco.  The Berkeley campus and the city of Berkeley offer comfortable amenities and just the right balance of discovery and relaxation.


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Each CAE alumnus will have:

  • Confidence in their ability to face the admissions process.
  • Greater knowledge of the SAT with continued online support for test prep.
  • Experience writing a meaningful personal statement.
  • A well-vetted personal resume.
  • A custom admissions report with a list of colleges to apply to, standardized test guidance and application deadline details.

Daily Schedule

  • 09.30 am • SAT Preparation
  • 12.00 pm • Lunch
  • 02.00 pm • College Counseling
  • 04.00 pm • Essay Writing
  • 06.00 pm • Dinner
  • 07.30 pm • Admissions Workshops
  • 09.30 pm • Free time / Activities




Standardized test preparation is perhaps the piece of the admissions puzzle that students and families worry most about.  All students want to feel confident that they have performed to their best ability on the SAT.  Test preparation is highly specialized and demands constant review and revision as test offerings change. Because of this, since 198?, Summerfuel has chosen to partner with the Princeton Review, considered the (worldwide?) hallmark in standardized test preparation whether in a classroom or online.


At College Admissions Edge, the Princeton Review provides Summerfuel students with eighteen hours of classroom based instruction plus three scored diagnostics.  All CAE students will have an online account with the Princeton Review so that they can continue to prep after the program ends.  Finally, all students will be eligible for an online fall brush-up course to prepare them for the scheduled October test dates.


Summerfuel has offered students test preparation opportunities for many years.  Over the years we have found that students who have exposure to the SAT become much more confident in their ability to master the test.  With familiarity and the voice of an expert instructor guiding them, students move through test sections more confidently, leaving less to chance when sitting for the actual SAT.  Our goal is to help each of our students perform to the best of his or her ability.  Test prep is one important part of that puzzle.


  • Eighteen hours of instruction.
  • Three timed, scored diagnostics.
  • Individualized score reports for every diagnostic.
  • Continued support from the Princeton Review.
  • An online fall brush-up course to prepare for the upcoming test dates.


Every CAP Essay Writing course is designed to help students reflect on their lives and realize that within their experiences they have plenty of material to craft an excellent admissions essay or personal statement.


Every student has an important story to tell beyond their grades and test scores. Unfortunately, all too often the college admissions essay strikes fear into the hearts of even the highest achievers.  What can I say to be admitted to?, How can I possibly compete?  CAE faculty listen to students brainstorm and inspire them to take their story and sculpt it into a compelling narrative.


The writing curriculum is intended to help each student become a stronger, more confident writer. During sixteen hours of instruction and further time dedicated to out of class follow up, students will formulate a thesis, and learn to craft it into a concise and engaging personal statement.  Writing classes meet every afternoon during program.  Essay writing will not meet on scheduled college visit days.


All Summerfuel CAE writing faculty are highly skilled writers with experience teaching high school students. Every Summerfuel writing instructor will help students focus on the writing process by employing the use of drafts, revisions and editing. Peer workshops and individual tutoring will also be used to help students improve their writing skills.

Faculty Bio: Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark

Caitlin completed her BA in Literature at New College and her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Virginia.  Caitlin has been employed as an instructor and writing tutor at the University of Virginia.  She currently works as a freelance writer and has been active teaching for the UC Berkeley Extension program and scoring written responses for Educational Testing Services.

Faculty Bio: Nicolette Severson

Nicolette completed her BA at UC Berkeley and her MA at UC Santa Cruz.  She currently works as a writing tutor and freelance writer in the Berkeley area.  With professional advisory experience in Academic Affairs, Nicolette brings first hand university experience to the CAE program.  Nicolette joined the CAE Berkeley writing faculty during the summer of 2015.


Every Summerfuel College Admissions Edge program has a team of experienced college admissions counselors as its backbone.


Prior to the program, parents will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their child’s interests and strengths, and their own desires for their son or daughter.  Once on site, college counselors will schedule one-on-one counseling sessions with each student in order to map out a clear and realistic plan to approach the college admissions process.  College counselors will consider family input, student input, student academic performance, student extracurricular strengths and evidence of standardized test scores to appropriately advise each student. 


Together with college admissions experts, Summerfuel has crafted a unique admissions workshop curriculum designed to provide students with information about every aspect of the admissions process.  Students will participate in eight collaborative, interactive admissions workshops led by the college counseling team.  The workshop setting provides a positive group environment where questions are welcomed and encouraged as students begin their independent work.

College Counselor Profile: Lawrence Alexander II

Lawrence has experience as the Director of College Counseling at the Ross School in New York and the Director of College Admissions at The Ivy Key.  Lawrence has used his college counseling experience and enthusiasm to contribute to Summerfuel’s CAE programs since 2014 when he joined the counseling team at our Berkeley location. 


  • Defining Goals and Dreams: Students reflect on current interests and pursuits and examine goals for college as well as graduate or professional education.
  • Evaluating a College:  This workshop will show students how to look past marketing material and personal opinions of friends and family to determine if a college is a good fit for them. 
  • Assembling Your Application: Using the Common Application as a base, this workshop will explain key pieces of every college application and share best practices for completing components.
  • How to Visit a College: Students will learn what questions to ask to get the answers they need.  College experts will share information about how to best document a college visit.


From Berkeley our students can easily visit a variety of institutions and whenever possible, we’ll extend the visit to enjoy some time in the area (Palo Alto, Santa Cruz).  Visits to different types of institutions (public/private, large/small, urban/suburban) will enable students to better discern differences and determine the environment that feels most comfortable to them.


Students and college counselors will discuss student preferences during their one on one advisory.  Counselors will use student feedback from college visits to advise them of institutions with a similar feel or structure so that students have a college search list that is a good personal fit.


  • Santa Clara University
  • Stanford University
  • UC Berkeley
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • University of San Francisco

Situated just across the bay from the magnificent city of San Francisco and within the thriving Berkeley community, UC Berkeley is one of the nation’s premier public research institutions.  Berkeley combines a comfortable campus life with the benefits of a small city and easy access to sightseeing, arts and exploration in San Francisco.



The Foothill Housing Complex is located on the northeast side of campus in a quiet, wooded area of Berkeley.  In addition to bedrooms, Foothill also boasts dining facilities, meeting rooms, and laundry and recreation space.  Bedrooms are shared doubles or triples and are organized in single-gender suites.  Suites have bedrooms, common areas and bathrooms within.  Summerfuel will use student responses to the housing questionnaire to pair roommates and group students in gender specific residence groups.  Senior Staff will also live in residence and are available to help with any issue 24/7.


Summerfuel CAP students will enjoy 3 meals a day throughout the program.   Foothill dining offers traditional favorites at breakfast and a variety of options for lunch and dinner, including hot entrees, vegan/vegetarian items, 100% certified organic salad bar, made-to-order sandwiches, and desserts. Berkeley dining is able to accommodate most dietary restrictions and preferences. Summerfuel staff will provide meals during off-site campus visits and excursions.  Please advise Summerfuel of dietary needs during the application process. 


Every afternoon and evening students will have the opportunity to join an event organized by Summerfuel staff or spend time relaxing on campus or exploring the city of Berkeley. 

Past favorites include:

Speed friending, glow soccer, Summerfued, fro-yo runs, movie nights, Capture the Flag, henna tattoos, no-cook cooking workshop, board game night, Frisbee golf, late night breakfast

San Francisco Sights

Sightseeing in San Francisco will include visits to Union Square, travel on the city’s famous cable cars, chocolate tasting at Ghirardelli and a stop at Golden Gate Bridge/Park.  Trips to San Francisco will be customized to include additional sights based on student interest.



The safety and well being of our students is of paramount importance to us.  Each program will have two distinct specialist teams – one to manage residence life and one to manage academic success. Each staff member is carefully vetted using a written application, personal interview, professional reference check and required background check.


Residential staff will support students as they adjust to living in a dormitory and being responsible members of a summer program community.  The residence staff will include a director, senior staff and one resident advisor for every fifteen students.  Prior to the program, residence staff will be trained to lead student groups, manage student conflict and resolution and oversee all safety aspects on program.  They will begin the program well prepared to meet the needs of all Summerfuel students.


Summerfuel students are required to attend all classes and academic workshops each day.  Attendance is taken at each class.  During free time, students may choose between an event organized by the residential staff or an individual pursuit such as classwork, laundry or relaxing in the dorm.  Students are allowed freedom to explore with friends within an area surrounding campus defined by the program director.  In the evenings, students will check in with residence staff and staff will often use that time to catch up on the day’s events.


Berkeley is a busy campus but the university takes public safety quite seriously and provides excellent support for Summerfuel staff and students. UC Berkeley maintains its own police department and residence hall safety includes locating a Residential Security Sergeant in house and Community Service Officers.   Foothill Housing Complex requires one key for external access and separate keys for suite and bedroom access. 
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