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We offer personalized adventures for students seeking a summer experience like no other. Our extensive range of programs encourages independence and friendship, striking the perfect balance between learning, exploration, and fun. We’re proud of our reputation for providing a high level of attention and care, for being pioneers in our field, and for finding exciting new ways to make each student’s summer unforgettable.

Students who join our challenging pre-college programs, or our authentic language and cultural immersion programs, develop essential skills that put them ahead of the game. All of our programs are designed to broaden academic and personal horizons, and we work thoughtfully to create opportunities for a truly diverse student population. We have been offering the best, most comprehensive student adventures since 1984, and we still know what students want from their summers today.

On a Mission

In 1984, Marcia Evans founded Academic Study Associates with the goal of facilitating global understanding for high school students through unique educational summer programs. Today, our name has changed, but our mission has stayed the same. We continue to offer programs that emphasize cultural engagement, travel, exploration, recreation, language study, academic enrichment, social engagement, responsibility, independence and personal growth.

A Taste of College / Beyond Tourism

Our programs prepare students for a successful high school to college transition. Our students learn to balance academic social and extracurricular commitments. They enter college better prepared to make the most of their experience.

For 30 years, Summerfuel has offered high school students a unique way of visiting Europe. Rather than a whirlwind visit to major tourist destinations, we give students the chance to settle into one country and study its culture, language, people and traditions as an insider – not as a tourist.

Once you go, you know

We constantly receive letters, calls and emails from parents, students and teachers telling us about the positive effect of Summerfuel programs. Students return home having improved language skills, discovered new interests, with new friends, more confidence, a greater awareness of themselves and the world around them. In short, better prepared for college and better prepared for life.

Get to know us

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Hear from past students

These are just a few of the students that have spent their summers with Summerfuel.

  • After one month in France, my accent has improved more than from years of French in America. I am culturally more aware now, and have a better understanding for the rest of the world."


  • The living situation and being away from parents seems like a way to warm up for college and moving away from home. Another thing that makes it really special is all the friends you make, and just being able to have the freedom to organize your day!"


  • This experience has hugely impacted my future. I learned that taking risks may benefit me in the end, and it helped me become more socially accepting. Academically, it has created more choices for a career path and broadened my scholastic interests."


What the papers say:

  • For youngsters who already have full resumes, Summerfuel at Oxford University offers an authentic opportunity to go inside one of the world’s most famous universities and live like an Oxford undergraduate."

    Wall Street Journal

    Not yet a college student? If you’re in high school spend a summer living, breathing and learning like one at, prestigious university, Summerfuel offers a range of summer academic programs to inspire personal and intellectual growth as well as social change, language study and global understanding."

    Campus Circle

  • If your high schooler is already saying that they won’t be able to find a summer job, consider real cultural immersion programs by Summerfuel that offer broadening experience, language instruction and lectures and trips led by Europe’s best and brightest in exciting destinations such as Oxford, Barcelona, Florence, Venice and Nice."

    Taking The Kids

  • Summerfuel college-admission prep camps help students to get a little distance and demystify the process. Those who went to the programs last summer said it was both useful and fun."

    New York Times

    The Upper East Side magazine

    From then on, I enjoyed the challenge of trying to place the words in the correct order as quickly and as accurately as possible. Even when I made a mistake, I was glad to be corrected in order to better my Spanish. That night they taught me when to use ‘ese’ instead of ‘este,’ how to make grilled sardines, and that communication just isn’t that hard, no matter what language it’s in.”

    Allie Silver, on her experience on Summerfuel’s Spanish homestay program in Nerja, Spain (read article)