Authentic Spanish language immersion through homestay.

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June 26*-July 16, 2017 (3 Weeks)
*Escorted flight departs NY on June 25
Program Fee:
$5,695 + airfare
Family homestay
Completing grades 10-12
Program Fee includes:

Tuition, room, 3 meals per day, use of select campus facilities, included excursions and daily activities, bed linens, pillow and towels, 24-hour residential care and support, staff accompanied airport transfer during specified windows.

Not Included:

Airfare/transportation to and from home city, courses and activities shown to have an extra fee, laundry, spending money, souvenirs, meals eaten away from program, airport transfers outside of specified windows, trip cancellation insurance, medical insurance, medical and dental expenses.

For over 30 years, we’ve developed special relationships with carefully selected homestay families in two quintessentially Andalusian towns, Cádiz and Conil. Located on Spain’s southern Atlantic Coast, both towns are unspoiled and proud of their heritage that dates back to the 5th century. These charming beachside locations offer a fun and unfiltered way to discover Spain that goes far beyond the limits of tourism.

The program combines a three-week homestay experience with dynamic classroom-based language study, daily activities and excursions throughout Andalusia.  Our students live like locals - gaining fluency and confidence in Spanish and experience real-life immersion in Spanish daily life and culture. The program attracts students with a sense of adventure and genuine interest in cultural exchange and language acquisition.

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  • JULY 04 • CÁDIZ



  • 09.00am • BREAKFAST
  • 10.00am • LANGUAGE CLASS
  • 02.00pm • LUNCH AT HOME
  • 05.00pm • WORKSHOPS
  • 09.00pm • DINNER
  • 11.00pm • CHECK-IN


Alumni Testimonial

“The program completely reshaped the course of my life.  After my summer in Cadiz, I went on to spend my entire senior year of high school in Cadiz.  Then, I continued to keep in touch with my host family, and I visit them at least once every year.  I've been to visit my two closest friends from the program many times in South Dakota and New York, and they've also visited me.
 --Katie U., Bethesda, MD



Spanish Language Study

Daily Spanish classes with our experienced faculty expand your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic expressions, so that you have the confidence to interact with your homestay family and Spanish friends on a daily basis.


Summerfuel offers students specialized workshops as part of the homestay program. Workshops are held once or twice a week and students may select up to three throughout the month. Students may select from Community Service, Spanish Cooking, Photography, Watercolor Painting, Soccer and Surfing.

Daily Adventures

Summerfuel’s daily activities are designed to help students make the most of their time. In addition to the scheduled workshops, our program staff schedules a wide range of extracurricular activities in the afternoons and evenings to keep every day stimulating and enriching such as beach barbecues, talent shows, beach volleyball, tennis, and soccer.

Exploring Andalusia

On Saturdays and Sundays, Summerfuel offers excursions throughout the south of Spain, to ensure our students experience the best of Andalusia. Highlights include overnight trips to Sevilla and Córdoba, as well as a day trip to Gibraltar.
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Our longstanding relationships with local families, teachers, musicians, artists, and local experts, enable us to offer students a personalized experience. We provide a safe, supportive environment where language learning comes alive and where students can be independent and make their own discoveries.  Summerfuel students return home with not only improved language skills, but with a greater sense of themselves and the world around them.

Homestay families

Our experienced local representatives have placed Summerfuel students with families over almost three decades and are natives of the towns in which they live. They ensure an excellent match between family and student, with many host families returning year after year. You will be treated as a member of the family, eat your meals together and experience a level of cultural and linguistic immersion that goes far beyond the limits of tourism. It is a testament to the strength of the program that Spanish families and their Summerfuel students often keep in touch long after the program has ended.

Unless they request otherwise, students are placed individually with families, so that they can fully enjoy the benefits of language and cultural immersion. Students will have Internet access to communicate with family and friends back home

On-Site Staff & Safety

Despite the bustle of city life, relative to most western cities, Cádiz and Conil’s small-town feel extends to the security of our students. Staff members are available for students twenty-four hours a day, and the host families form a network of support throughout Cádiz and Conil.

Summerfuel staff stay in the center of town throughout the day and live in a centrally-located residence, so that they can tend to students' needs immediately. Every night, homestay parents call program staff to let them know that their student has checked in and that all is well.


As part of the homestay program, students eat their meals with their homestay families. They will see first-hand how traditional Spanish meals are prepared and cooked, and get a chance to try some Spanish classics: tortilla española, gazpacho, bocadillos de jamon and more. Your homestay family will make effort to ensure that you are comfortable and try to accommodate any dietary needs, but please discuss any restrictions or preferences with Summerfuel staff before attending.

Spanish Class Facilities

Classes take place at specially hired private schools and students have access to the same classrooms and facilities available to Spanish students during the year. Equipped with ample class space, teacher and student lounges, students will have all they need to have a successful summer improving their Spanish.




The capital of Andalusia is home to three World Heritage sites, including the Cathedral of St. Mary and the Alcázar, an imposing Moorish palace.


This ancient city was once a sprawling metropolis and is beloved for its Great Mosque, Jewish Quarter, Roman ruins and Moorish architecture.


This tiny British territory, known largely for the famous Rock of Gibraltar, is situated on the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula.


Andalusia is the home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, from the white-sand, ocean beaches of the Atlantic, to the pebbled, Mediterranean coastline.


This style of Spanish song and dance originated in Andalusia, and is considered to be one of UNESCO's Masterpieces of the Heritage of Humanity.


Alumni Testimonial

“Thank you Summerfuel. My summer in Cadiz not only improved my Spanish but shaped me as a student, improved my confidence and sense of independence, and introduced me to Spain and its culture on a deeper level than I ever felt possible.”
 --Liz S., Old Greenwich, CT


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The language course meets five days a week from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm, and is taught at two or three different levels to accommodate intermediate to more advanced students. A placement test on the first day of class will determine the appropriate level for each student. Summerfuel faculty can provide additional academic instruction and tutoring to students preparing for either the Advanced Placement or SAT Subject tests in Spanish. All students receive a transcript detailing academic progress and involvement during the program.
Summerfuel in Spain offers students specialized workshops as part of the homestay program. Please remember that we can only accommodate a limited number of students in some activities, so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible. Workshops are held once or twice a week and students may select up to three throughout the month.

Our teaching method is founded on active, experiential learning in a non-traditional educational environment. Our Spanish language course is designed to be both educational and fun, emphasizing student interaction.



Spanish Language Study

Our tailor-made curriculum has been carefully designed based on over three decades of experience, as well as student, parent and teacher feedback. Classes expand Spanish vocabulary and idiomatic expressions so that you have the confidence to interact with your homestay family and Spanish friends. Formal classroom instruction reinforces your learning outside of the class and our native Spanish faculty, many of whom return year after year, are specially selected for their dynamism and experience teaching Spanish to foreign students.

This is a hands-on Spanish language course, taught at two or three levels: Intermediate (Intermedio), Upper Intermediate (Intermedio Alto), and Advanced (Avanzado). The class integrates classroom lecture, audio materials, workbook exercises and a variety of texts to develop fluency in all aspects of the Spanish language. Classroom time is divided into intensive language practice (oral and written) and general grammar review with an emphasis on "real life" situations. Every day, students complete two pages of their Spanish diary. A final oral presentation in Spanish is also required.



Community Service

Give back to the local community by participating in bi-weekly service opportunities at a center for patients with Alzheimer's. Students may participate for additional hours, if desired, and can receive a certificate for their community service hours.

Soccer Clinic

Improve your skills with professional local coaches and develop your passion for the game.

Spanish Cooking

Enjoy a hands-on introduction to Spanish food and culture. Learn the recipes and techniques to prepare local favorites for a great insight into Spanish culinary traditions.
(Cádiz & Conil)


Surf’s up! The Atlantic coast enjoys some of Europe’s best waves and the local expert instructors will make sure you have a blast whether you are a pro or complete beginner
(Cádiz & Conil)


Learn how to craft the perfect shot with Spain as your inspiration to make that Instagram feed pop.

Watercolor Painting

Use the beautiful surroundings as your inspiration in this hands-on class taught by a professional artist.



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Once classes are over, you will have a full and varied schedule of extra-curricular opportunities to choose from. All trips and activities are included in the program fee, so you will never be at a loss for something to do.


Excursions to local places of interest will take place weekends. These trips will give you the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful destinations in Andalusia.


Visit La Catedral, La Giralda, El Alcázar and the picturesque Barrio de Santa Cruz (Jewish Quarter) among others. After dinner, we head off to a Flamenco show.


Explore the breathtaking La Mezquita and the beautiful Jewish and Moorish neighborhoods of this historic city.


Take a break and speak English for a day, pay a visit to the famous Gibraltar monkeys, and take in the breathtaking views of the African continent.



Summerfuel's daily afternoon and evening activities are designed to ensure you make the most of your time in Conil.

Past favorites include:

Swimming, Sunbathing, Kayaking, Films, Sporting Events, Food Tastings, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball



Your summer adventure begins and ends in Madrid. Upon arrival we transfer to our hotel for an orientation and tour of the city: Plaza Mayor, Palacio Real, Gran Via, Sol and a group dinner in the city centre. On our return we spend our last afternoon enjoying the hustle and bustle of Madrid before a farewell dinner in Spain's capital.

Alumni Testimonial

"The freedom that the program gives is so beneficial to your own growth. Independence and room to “find my place” in Conil was a big part why this program exceeded my expectations. Every homestay house was so close to each other. Conil is PERFECT!"
 --Jenna L., Rosemont, PA



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Students select their summer home from two beautiful whitewashed Andalusian towns on the Spanish Atlantic coast, Cádiz or Conil. Groups are small by design, with no more than twenty-five students in each location, so that each student receives a high level of personal attention throughout their stay.


Experience total Spanish immersion and enjoy authentic exposure to the language, lifestyle, and culture of one of Spain's most historic and fascinating cities. Cádiz, founded by Phoenician merchants in 1104 BC, is the oldest inhabited city in the Western world. With a population of 150,000 and a famous university, Cádiz is the larger of our homestay locations on Spain’s southern coast.
The Puertas de Tierra divide Cádiz into two parts. The Old Town abounds in squares, markets, churches, parks, museums, restaurants, cafés and a labyrinth of narrow streets. It is a pleasure to walk down these lively streets, discover hidden places and sense the history of this charming city. The new part of town is where most businesses are located and where much of the summer nightlife takes place. It is here that you will also find the wonderful sandy beaches on the Atlantic, where you can play beach volleyball, soccer and practice Spanish with your new friends.

You will love Cádiz if you…

  • Thrive in a lively urban environment

  • Seek both the charm of the old, and the thrill of the new

  • Appreciate art, culture and a thriving restaurant scene

  • Would like the Painting and Soccer workshops



Conil de la Frontera, located twenty miles south of Cádiz, is a picturesque Spanish coastal town with whitewashed houses, endless blue skies and many outdoor cafés. Although smaller than Cádiz, Conil’s population of twenty thousand doubles in the summer when Spanish families spend their vacation here, on the Atlantic coast.
Conil is a popular summer destination due to its priveleged location, famous white sand beaches and small town charm. Conil bursts with energy in the summer and students enjoy exploring on foot, browsing shops and markets and sampling the local tapas. A small, friendly, community, locals are proud of their town and eager to welcome students and help them feel at home. Day or evening, the spectacular beach is the center of activity and where students can swim, play beach volleyball or relax at a café "chiringuito" with new friends.

You will love Conil if you…

  • Thrive in a tight-knit community, where everyone knows everyone

  • Seek a relaxed environment, with an energetic nightlife

  • Enjoy swimming, surfing and other beach sports

  • Would like the Surfing and Community Service workshops

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Our summer staff members are at the heart of all that we do. Supported by our New York headquarters, our program directors and resident advisors create an exciting and balanced residential, academic and extracurricular experience each summer.


At Summerfuel, we are particularly proud of our superlative program directors. We believe that strong, nurturing and experienced leadership sets the tone for a successful program. The program is run by a senior staff consisting of a Site Director and Assistant Director, who oversee all aspects of our students’ daily life.

Both sites are overseen by Program Director Marta Ramos. Marta is a native of Conil, and has directed the program since 1995.

Meet Marta



In addition to the senior staff team, each program location has site coordinators who work in close contact with the homestay families, experienced local representatives who help select the families and teachers, and native recreational staff who are the key to accessing local culture and ensuring students get the most from their stay in Conil. Our staff and faculty often returns year after year, and both go through a rigorous selection process and pre-program orientation.



The leadership team and program structure emphasizes cultural immersion through personal attention, high quality academics, and exciting cultural and recreational programs so that students learn experientially. There are at least six staff members in Conil. Directors, local representatives and recreational staff meet with Summerfuel students daily to ensure they get the most from their experience. Students learn, make friends and have fun through the support and guidance of the dedicated and caring staff. The safety and security of our students is an absolute priority.

Read our full code of conduct here



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