Leadership Innovation Boston

Learn on the campus of the premier university in Boston in a unique, urban community of inspired students.

July 1- July 21, 2018
Program Fee:
Campus Dormitory
Completing grades 9 - 12
Program Fee includes:

Tuition, room, 2 meals per day, use of select campus facilities, included excursions and daily activities, bed linens, pillow and towels, 24-hour residential care and support, staff accompanied airport transfer during specified windows.

Not Included:

Airfare/transportation to and from home city, courses and activities shown to have an extra fee, laundry, spending money, souvenirs, meals eaten away from program, airport transfers outside of specified windows, trip cancellation insurance, medical insurance, medical and dental expenses.

The world has become interconnected. From politics to business, from trade and investment to the media, everything has gone global. This hyper-connected world needs a new generation of leaders to drive the international economy, fuel innovation and find creative solutions to the challenges of globalization. The city of Boston is an international center of higher education and global business, which provides the ideal backdrop for exploring the key issues facing leaders today.

Leadership and Innovation in Boston immerses students in an international community of future leaders, combining expert instruction with hands-on learning, challenging students to collaborate, debate, think critically and develop their leadership skills. With topics including international economics, emerging global markets, diplomacy and more, this program gives students the tools to discover their potential as innovative business leaders.

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Over the course of the program, students will have increased their knowledge of current affairs while learning skills for life.

By the end of the program, students will:

Gain a Global Perspective

Class time will examine and discuss real-world case studies to illustrate the social, political and economic issues facing the world today, and our international study body introduces students to others with a wide range of personal perspectives and experiences. 

Learn to Think Creatively

Hands-on projects with hone students’ ability to think critically and collaboratively to find innovative solutions to global problems.

Become Innovative Problem-Solvers

Students will utilize key research tools such as primary texts, documentaries, firsthand accounts and survey responses to delve below the surface of an issue to find innovative solutions.

Maximize Communication Skills

Roundtable discussions and personal reflections are built into the curriculum to help students organize their ideas and improve both verbal and written communication skills.

Debate with Confidence  

Students will learn how to develop an articulate voice, improving their comfort with and ability to speak publically and pitch their ideas with confidence.

Tap into their Leadership Potential

Students will gain a greater knowledge of themselves, their leadership style and their strengths or weaknesses as a team member. Consistent goal setting and self-reflection will help students strive towards both their short-term and long-term aspirations. 

Who is Leadership and Innovation for?

This program is designed for teens who wish to empower themselves with the knowledge, skills and perspective necessary to maximize their effectiveness as leaders. Whether interested in pursuing a career in business and politics, or improving communication skills, problem solving abilities and self-confidence, this program is for anyone with the ambition and drive to find a deeper understanding of both themselves and the globalized world in which we live.






Dynamic faculty will take the learning beyond classroom, utilizing all that Boston has to offer to enrich the student’s experience. By engaging in debates, site visits, interactive workshops and hands-on projects, students will increase critical and design thinking skills in real-world settings.

Self-Reflection & Goal Setting

Students will be asked to regularly reflect on their performance, identifying their goals for both the short-term and the long-term, and discussing action plans to meet those goals. These skills are essential for effective leadership, but also translate to all aspects of life.

Communication & Debate

Learning to communicate effectively in speaking, listening and presenting an argument are important for any professional or academic pursuit. Students will gain the confidence to make their voice heard, but also the collaborative skills to listen and respect other points of view.

Design Thinking

Thinking through a problem from all sides, examining its multiple facets and considering all stakeholders is necessary for finding innovative solutions. Design thinking projects will challenge students to think collaboratively and creatively in order to come up with ideas that mitigate the complex, multilateral issues which every global leader faces.

Global Perspective

This program gives students the opportunity to explore international issues in depth. It also brings students from across the United States and from around the world together to learn, cooperate and thinking creatively. Beyond simply studying together, the experience of living alongside one another and forming lifelong friendships will be hugely impactful for any student’s leadership journey.


Through the lens of global economics and international business, full-program seminars will examine what it takes to become an influential leader, the key issues facing today’s leaders, and how individuals with innovative ideas can make a global impact.

All students will participate in seminars that cover major issues in the following subject areas:

International Economics

Examine how the economic systems of the world are interconnected, and how the decisions of national leaders can affect the world economy as a whole. Then, explore the figures in politics and business that are influential today and discuss how they both impact and are in turn impacted by macroeconomic trends.   

Global Finance

What skills do leaders need in order to responsibly handle and invest money in a global marketplace that is always changing? And how do leaders influence positive investments in impactful areas, such as education, healthcare and poverty alleviation? Students will examine multinational banking and financial institutions and discuss how the global flow of capital can be both an opportunity for innovation and a challenge in today’s globalized world.

Trade & Diplomacy

How do countries with different cultures, belief systems and politics cooperate with one another? Examine how international brands establish supply chains, and where the day-to-day goods you use come from. Discuss ways in which individuals can influence the relationships between nations, and the tactics that corporations use in order to maintain positive relations, even in the midst of strained global politics.

Emerging Global Markets

Multinational corporations are in a rush to expand their brands in the developing world. But what is lost in translation when brands go global? Explore how the world’s most influential brands like Apple, Nike and Microsoft adapt to established themselves around the world and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of cooperate globalization.





At Summerfuel Leadership and Innovation, students will live in Dane Hall, part of the Gropius Complex and centrally located on the Harvard Law School campus.


While at Summerfuel, students will live in a single room on a single-gender community hall overseen by a Resident Advisor (RA) living in residence. Bedrooms are assigned based on age and geographic diversity.
Resident Advisors will live on each hall to create a community, provide support, plan activities and help students get the most out of their home-away-from-home Cambridge. Summerfuel Senior Staff also live in residence and are available to help address student concerns and emergencies, day or night.


Dane Hall has 24-hour security, with separate key access required for entry to the building entrance and each bedroom door. Harvard University security is on 24-hour patrol and available to any student that may need assistance.


The recently built Casperson Student Center is the hub of on-campus socializing featuring multiple lounges and a café. You can also join Hemenway Gym which offers full cardio circuits, strength training facilities, basketball and squash courts plus much more (supplemental gym membership fee required). For outdoor recreation, try the beach volleyball court outside of the dorm or wander around the lush yards and parks that comprise Harvard University or down to the Charles River.


Students will eat two meals a day (breakfast & dinner) in Harkness Commons, fondly called "The Hark," where there is always a wide selection of hot and cold options. Most dietary restrictions and preferences can be accommodated. For lunch dining options, eat in the café in the Casperson Student Center or venture into town and explore the many restaurant and to-go options that Cambridge has to offer.


Students have full access to downtown Cambridge, which is just steps away from the dorm and is full of great restaurants, theaters and shops. In addition, students (accompanied by staff) will have many opportunities to explore the city of Boston, only a short T-ride away!

Harvard Yard

Harvard’s iconic center is encircled by some of the oldest academic buildings in the United States and home to the legendary statue of John Harvard. It’s the perfect place to relax under the trees and people-watch.

Harvard Square

This is the hub of off-campus activity, featuring an eclectic array of street performers, enthusiastic activists and restaurants to fit every taste.

Harvard Art Museum

Comprised of three distinct collections, its holdings include masterpieces from across the globe.

Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market

History and food, what could be better? Historic buildings, limitless dining and world-class street performances make this a fun and delicious destination.

Boston Shopping

Between the boutiques and designer outposts of Newbury and Boylston Streets and the huge selection of shops at the Prudential Center, shopaholics will have no shortage of options in Boston’s Back Bay. 

Boston Museums

Wander through the Museum of Fine Arts that boasts an impressive world-class collection; The Museum of Science that hosts a variety of interactive exhibits for curious minds; or, the New England Aquarium, home to hundreds of species of marine life.






Every weekend, we will take full advantage of all that greater New England has to offer and visit some of its most exciting destinations and attractions.


We will make sure that students do not miss anything that downtown Boston has to offer. Options include exploring the diverse food stalls and shops at Quincy Market, walking through the famous shopping districts of Newbury and Boylston Streets, wandering the New England Aquarium and seeing the skyline-defining Prudential Center.

Six Flags New England

Experience the fun and thrills of New England's premier amusement park. Home to the best rollercoasters in New England, this site also includes a water park great for relief from the summer heat.


 Our staff will work closely with students to determine their interests and design activities around Dane Hall and Cambridge that help students get the most out of their time in Boston

Past Favorites Include:

Talent show, speed friending, basketball, scavenger hunt, movie nights, soccer, Summerfuel Olympics, karaoke, ultimate Frisbee, trivia night, game shows, water wars, yoga, running club, hiking, swimming, tie-dye, henna tattoos.
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Our summer staff members are at the heart of all that we do. Supported by our New York headquarters, our program directors and resident advisors create an exciting and balanced residential, academic and extracurricular experience each summer.


The Senior Staff is comprised of a Program Director, a Residential Life Director and an Activities Director.
All members of the senior staff live in residence with students and are available to assist with any issue that arises. Senior staff members are experienced educators with collegiate or boarding school residence life experience and great familiarity with our programs.


RAs on the Leadership and Innovation program are campus leaders dedicated to sharing their knowledge and collegiate experience with a motivated group of high school students. RAs are all rising college seniors or recent college graduates and are hired with the greatest care. RAs fill the role of mentors, supporting students academically and socially in order to make the program the best it can be. Each RA will work closely with a group of ten to eleven high school students.


The safety, security and overall well-being of our students are our utmost priorities.

  • 1 to 8 residential staff to student ratio

  • 24-hour dorm security

  • Electronic key pass required for entry into residence hall buildings

  • Designated zone in which students can travel within Cambridge

  • Buddy system to ensure students never travel alone

  • 11pm daily curfew

  • Zero tolerance for drug/alcohol use or bullying

  • Read our full code of conduct here


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